Hiring Employees

Hiring Employees

All successful SEO started from small business owners, companies like Apple, Facebook, and other famous companies for sure had high and low times with their employees. One fact that affects one bad production from a company is the employees that are surrounding your business. Small business always starts with a small team which means an effective way in getting the right candidates is to avoid the standard hiring process.

A typical job interview is more than a common social interaction with someone in everyday life. So be mindful that in getting new employees you should display the important job descriptions to applicants. These are some principles in having an effect way to get the most qualified candidates:

Be Creative

In starting a conversation make sure that all applicants must be surprised at how are you handling the interview, surprised in the way that they will be amazed. These applicants are not just applying to your company but they submitted a lot of resumes to a lot of companies.

Be Mindful

Expert hiring managers are passionate about getting information from the applicants and sometimes forget if applicants are nervous, one key thing to expose their true talent is to worry them off from nervousness or stress. Once they’re relaxed they should be able to express their point of view much more clearer.

Be Challenging

Interviewers are the host in every interview process, always driving applicants to where they can show their true selves. Asking and analyzing the type of applicants, and sharing the same hobbies and interests can help an intimidating interview casual.

Allow your employees to help

It isn’t you only are interacting with these applicants, after a job interview these applicants will be interacting with a lot of employees too. Make sure to ask them what is their side of their view and allow them to speak freely as an employee.

Selecting the best candidates for your company would be the most important job on the path to success.

As a small business owner, your new employee will be the base foundation of your company’s mission. If you won’t be selecting the best candidates it can ruin your mind since every day you will be thinking if I was hiring the best employee.

Ted Talks, hiring the right people

In this video, they’re explaining that instead of being a CEO or an entrepreneur he considers himself a recruiter, the goal should be recruiting the best employees who fit the job description. Recruiting the right person always makes your job easier. If we don’t select the right person besides our company our lives will also be complicated. There are no studies in the university on how to select the right candidates. Selecting the wrong person will also affect your happiness since you will be dealing with the wrong person every day and it’s just not your happiness but also it affects the happiness of the person you hired. It will limit the growth, but the development of the environment will still continue. It will disfavor both sides of the story.

A famous saying “Leaders spend 10% of their time recruiting and 90% of their time making up recruiting mistakes”.

What to look for in an Interview

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Hire employees that can straighten the job well, and make sure to have a hiring process slowly but surely. There should be a lot of questions before hiring employees. Remember that recruiters are also so-called paying employees who should know their job responsibilities. They’re a lot of independent contractors that can be hired as a recruiter but advised to be the one who recruits candidates not an outsourcing company.

Here are some things to look for in an Interview

Previous Employment

Ask yourself what are the reasons behind leaving a company, these questions should come to mind to some applicants that have previous employment among new hires. Focus on the reason that they provide, some reasons that are effective are if they don’t have growth, they haven’t had a lot of skills that were learned or they haven’t been recognized. These are common and most reasonable facts why some are resigning from their previous employer identification number.

A Good Reason For Departure

A good reason for leaving a company should have another good reason for working on the next. New hire employees should have reason more than the reason they provided from the previous one. Qualified candidates should be able to fir the job description and also can answer what would be the reason why they are joining the company. What can the employee benefits from the company? It is very expensive to keep hiring people for the same role, you will be investing time and effort in the training and stuff. Don’t hire job candidates that are hoppers because they will work for you and then they will just leave. Make sure to hire employees that will stick with their previous jobs.

Look for Specific Tactics

One principle for new hire employees make sure that they produce, they’re a lot of job seekers that can read but there are only a few that can implement. Ask them if they are working in this role in this company what would you do?

Neil Patel and what is he looking for in an interview.

In this video, he is saying that he isn’t looking for arching strategies but he is looking for specific tactics that can help the company grow.

Reference from Previous Employers

A background check will be shown always in the hiring process, and contact their previous employers to learn about interesting things about the person such as their weaknesses and strength but don’t ask the employers how the employee did their job because sometimes they tend to lie. For an ideal candidate, you can ask the employer what is their strength and weaknesses what you see as an ideal role in the organization. Things that are more actionable so that we would know where would they fit in.

Cultural Fir for the Company

They should be a different team that they can interview them because even if they fir the job and they’re willing to sign the contract and happy with their rate. They still should be culturally fit so that they can’t ruin the atmosphere of the organization and they won’t last long.

These are the principles in looking for an ideal candidate, normally they should be starting after 30 days to make sure everything is secured from their payroll service down to their employee benefits.

6 Tips For Hiring The Right Employee

Employees are the persons that can make you successful or fail your company, as you will constantly be judged on your selection, and you obviously cannot please everybody in your organization.

There are a lot of rules to follow, and providing these ground rules can help you in your hiring process:

Look for Someone With a Commitment to Their Career

There are a lot of job seekers that can fit with the job descriptions, but before they enter the job offer make sure to put in mind that you are looking for someone with a commitment to their career.

Hire a person who is committed to his or her job, don’t hire an employee that is frequently transferring just to get a higher salary since that type of person isn’t passionate about their job roles.

Test for Excellent Learning and Analytical Skills

Writing down the skills in the resume is really easy, we don’t know if the candidate is really telling the truth or just having trained skills without using them in an actual job. Don’t evaluate your candidate merely on the resume itself.

It is better if we got a lot of methodologies so we can test them on our candidates. Our interview questions should be tricky so new hires should acquire an analytical strategy to answer the question. Satish Bakhda from Rikvin.com believes that a candidate with certainty is extraordinary, but what you truly need may be a candidate that has the proper abilities and instructive prerequisites.

Check Compatibility

The first employee should have a skill that will be suited to the company, especially social skill is really important in an organization. Taking along with other employees and managers is highly recommended for a new hire since building relationships with your co-worker can help strengthen the communication and the ability to pinpoint tasks to each and everyone one of the employees.

It is not a great idea if a candidate is not willing to get along with other co-workers, especially managers. If this won’t be changed this won’t be a great idea for the success of the company, for example, some candidates have hidden talents and ideas but they aren’t willing to share them since they won’t get along with others. Make sure willingness is always shown by a candidate.

Keep Improving Your Hiring Process

The hiring process is the most important thing to do to get the right candidate, whether you are recruiting for a big company or getting employees to start up a business. Make sure to write down your process, analyze and study it so that on your next job post you will have a new and improved routine. These are some steps that you need to follow:

Make sure to focus on getting to know the capabilities, knowledge, skills, confidence, attitude, and potential of the candidate

Once you post work applications on any work location make it beyond any doubt that these work prerequisites such as duties, required instruction, encounters, information, and skills are clearly specified. It’ll assist you in assessing candidates and drawing in candidates that fulfill all of your duties and necessities.

It’s a great idea to have another interviewer join in the evaluation process, 2 better is always better than 1 in such the other person can also provide their opinion to the candidate.

Don’t Forget to Hire Interns

Interns are the best type of candidate where you can get new hire employees. You know all of their qualities, shortcomings, aptitudes, information, states of mind, behavior, certainty levels, and indeed viable proof of work.

Since they already are trained in your area, your workplace culture is already there filled also so think about getting them right away since you already have their background and references.

Get Social With the Candidates

Getting with your candidate personally won’t get you anywhere in fact they can build trust in you and a candidate will be confident and relaxed while talking to you. Your human resources team should be analyzing the candidates’ presence on social media. This can be a great strategy, especially if you want to hire employees for tech businesses.

Being social is a specialized skill for employees to open up a lot of interesting topics which you can identify which topics your candidate can relate to.

90% of the current companies post jobs online since they’re a lot of connections and it is more convenient for candidates to search for job post online. Facebook is one of the social media where companies post their job postings or ads to lure candidates.

The Hiring Manager’s Guide

Avoid the Standard Job Interview

A typical job interview is so overrated, questions tell me about yourself, where you see yourself in 5 years and many common phrases we already heard about. Be creative and unique and make the candidate be amazed by how you handle the interview, surprised them with the words that they just heard.

The candidate and interviewer should have the same in common so good small talk could be effective for helping both create communication and can lead to an awesome outcome after the interview.

Get Away From Your Desk

You’ll have a much better sense of your candidate if you get them out from behind a desk and watch how they behave.

As you are sizing up your candidate, take note of these 2 key qualities to check for you:

  • Is the candidate genuinely interested in the job description?
  • Is there equality in the candidate’s eyes towards other co-workers despite their position?

To get a better sense of their personality you can take them on a tour out of the office or conference room.

Take them on a tour

Stay inside the building, and introduce them to some of your colleagues while you are checking on how are they interacting with them. You can take note of these:

  • Are they showing interest in how others do their job?

Are they curious, about asking questions to other employees in the job-specific?

For Patty Stonesifer, who now runs Martha’s Table, a Washington nonprofit, the tour is a key test for any job candidate. She said that she can really get a good sense of a candidate once she will be taking them on a tour of the company. Stopping over and introducing to some folks in the company and see if there is a handshake or curiosity and interest with other employees.

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Share A Meal

This is one of the most important parts of the evaluation for many leaders, taking new employees to lunch or dinner might be very effective and it will expose some clues from your new employees’ personalities and how they work. The key is if they are considerate to others.

Pay attention to these things:

  • Are they polite to the person serving them?
  • Does eye contact show once you are talking to them as a sign of respect?
  • How do they handle stress?
  • Are they not distracted by conversation with only small questions?
  • Do they barrel through the restaurant, or let others go first?

“You learn so much in a meal,” said Carol Smith, the publisher of Harper’s Bazaar. “It’s like a little microcosm of life.”

The candidate’s personality comes out during a meal, providing answers to key tests for Ms. Smith: “Are you going to connect with us? Are you going to be part of the team, or are you going to be one of these independent players who want to take all the credit? Are you good with assistants?”

Throw Some Curveballs

The most candidate usually practices common questions that are asked but smart candidate tends to assume difficult and tricky questions. So be ready with your mind-blown systematic logical questions to them. If you are throwing negative situational questions smart candidate will be able to change the mood from negative to positive and that is an effective skill that you need for your new employee. One of the job’s responsibilities is how to handle stress and pressure in every task.

To get beyond the rehearsed answers, many executives have developed their own interview questions to better understand what a candidate is really like.

here are some unusual questions that you can ask your candidate that can reveal once the candidate’s personality and work ethic:


A candidate’s natural strength isn’t their current title or their diploma from what they’ve studied in college. In fact, it should be their ability and skills since these will come naturally or be learned. This may be difficult to answer but you can ask them in a much simpler way. Like what is your ninja skill or who is your favorite superhero and why?


This may be a silly question but this would reveal a lot about the candidate, especially the why answer because it will show the level of awareness they have. If you want to test it before a job interview, you might wanna check this at a party you can ask a lot of people. The chief executive who often asks this question, for example, says that if she’s hiring somebody for sales, she likes to hear a predator as the answer, like a lion. If somebody is going to be working in teams all the time, a social animal may be the right answer.


This might not be a complicated one but a candidate’s answer should reveal his/her action. Usually, these answers from the candidate tend to be a mirror of their selves. For example, the qualities that they like the most from their parents tend to be the qualities that they want to receive also, but naturally, they also will think about doing these kinds of qualities, especially in their job and the office or company.


Answering this question can reveal a person’s level of self-awareness. Opinions from someone would really affect a person’s mind and especially this misperception can cause a person to be triggered especially persons that kinda have an ego. But this might be very helpful and it can change a person’s personality especially if you are asking what are other opinions to you. Overcoming this might be hard but once this would overcome this would be a skilled unlocked phase. This can also be a bit of a trick question, too, because what really matters is how people perceive you – in a sense, there is no such thing as misperception; in this context, perception is reality.

Get a Second — and Third — Opinion

Like everybody said two head is better than one, Ask for help in an interview will come easy also they can help in brainstorming about the questions to ask categorizing a person’s personality and how to handle them. It can also help in the evaluation if it would be a dedicating candidate to work with. Remote candidates should also be considered since it will need a lot of interviewers the fact that they will be interviewed virtually and we can’t really determine their body language and eye contact.

Assign Some Homework

Just like in universities, we also want to let our candidates bring a task at home. The Department of labor isn’t saying no to giving home assignments to candidates because some candidates may need a lot of time at home to finish a job. In the ideal world, you’d be able to bring them on as a freelancer or a consultant, but that’s not realistic in a lot of cases. Not only do you are getting a sense of their overnight work as well as you can sense how committed a candidate in working on the homework. Usually, the payroll system employees bring their work home since they really have a lot of workloads to do. That is why they are covered by the worker’s compensation insurance and by the federal government. Giving homework is an extra effort for a candidate since they aren’t paid for this but you will see the dedication to their work and the curiosity about the environment of the organization.

Trust Your Instincts

If you have doubts about a candidate, figure out why.

Once all the processes are done and now you are in the evaluation process since you have the contact details of the candidate you can give them a call if you have a doubt about them and ask them personally. You can also do another background check with their past company to get more references and knew more about the ideal candidate.