2-Day Executive Planning

Need a time-tested method for creating an annual operational plan your team can get behind?

Take a look at the two-day operations planning agenda your team will be guided through. 

Identify the constraints your business currently faces and decide on what to do about them over the next 16 weeks and answer the question; what is our strategic plan?

Day 1

To begin, we get to know each other and the state of your business. We also paint a picture of where you want to take your business next. 


We will spend a little time on an ice-breaker exercise and introduce everyone to the 4 critical areas your business has that propel it to new heights, but also may be keeping you held down.


Review the checklist for each critical area of business operation.

Some business teams complicate their business, be we’ve boiled it down to 4 areas. 

  • Attract New Business
  • Convert Sales 
  • Deliver (Services or Products) 
  • Manage (People & Profits) 


Depending on the stage your business is in and what you want it to become, the vision for your future may look different. We discuss what you envision your business looking like in the next 6, 12, and 24 months. 

Desired Outcomes

Once we’ve had a chance to envision the future of your business we drill into each of the 4 parts of your business and discuss specific desired outcomes in each area. 

  • Attract New Business
  • Convert Sales
  • Deliver Product 
  • Manage Profits & People

Homework: Get the Data

Once we’ve had a chance to discuss what you want to have to happen next, you will need to gather some actual performance and people data.

We’ll need you to get the previous 24 months of financial reports and assemble a simple organizational chart showing the functional structure of the people in your business.

Day 2

Sales & Lead Gen Goals

With your desired outcomes defined, we get into the numbers. We clearly define your sales goals based on an understanding of the average value of a customer.

This also helps us define the target amount of leads you’ll need to bring to your sales team over the next 12 months.

Learn more about or download Sales Goal & Lead Gen Calculator

Identify Constraints

This is the most difficult, but empowering part of your executive planning process. 

It requires a level of honesty and transparency where nothing is sacred. 

We pinpoint the constraints in each part of your business and who is currently responsible for overcoming that challenge. 

HomeWork: Marketing & Sales ROI

Identifying constraints is an important exercise, so is determining how & where you are generating cash (from sales) to fuel your business. 

Your homework will be to determine which marketing channels are generating the best sales returns for your business.

Learn more about or download Marketing & Sales ROI Tracking Worksheet

Playbook Workbook

Staying organized while the fires come and bullets start flying in the day-to-day of your business is critical. 

The workbook we provide helps make it a lot easier.

Learn more about or download the Business Builder Playbook Workbook

BONUS: Weekly KPI Tracker

When you have the strategic direction for each area of your business you’ll need a way to track Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) with your leadership team.

Plan Review

We compile the information and data gathered during the 2-day program and review it with you so your team has a clear direction and tools to manage going forward.

If you decide you need to Hire Us as a #2 Executive we can discuss it. 

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If you find yourself thinking this 2 Day Executive Planning process could work for your business