Growing Your Business Without Constraints

Growing your business without constraints

Growing a business might be easy but there are a lot of constraints coming in the way, even if you have a lot of customer interactions, might have great salespeople working for you or you are receiving more revenue. Growing your business is not always doing more but removing the constraints that are limiting or bottlenecking your progress.

Every system has its constraints that limit its output, if there are no constraints you’re already in your goal so there should be something that is limiting to it, so find the weakest link and work on it. So rather to ” do more ” or ” do better ” you gotta drill down and identify what the weak link in the process is.

Examples for constraints :

  • You don’t need more customers – Look at what is preventing you from getting more sales. Consistently getting the right leads into converting them into paying clients.
  • You can’t find good people – Getting more deals is having good sales reps, the real constraint is in your hiring systems or your systems from developing, training, and retaining the best sales rep.

Difference between scaling and growing a business

Growing and scaling business processes might have the same definition to have success but technically this isn’t feasible. Both words had the same overall success and we have a lot of tips and tricks to improve your success rate. If you dig deep into these words you might want to adapt them and help in such a thing we will gain more revenue.


  • In growing a business, we are talking about generating more customers, more revenue, and more capital. Often, we need to add employees, new offices, and purchase new materials to generate that additional growth. So basically you are expanding your company by expanding the money that you invested to get more income but the ratio won’t be that high.


  • Scaling a business is generating more revenue and additional income in your business without generating the same degree of expenses. For example, you raised your income 4x times your normal income but you didn’t hire any additional employees.
    It will work in a lot of industries and tech is one of those that you can hear this term that you can use constantly because when investors are looking to put their money into something they want to see that business that has a big swoop. Once they will see a lot of returns they keep growing and growing without more expense that is the business they can scale.

These are possible but not completely feasible in all types of business, there isn’t a method wherein you will be in a win win situation. It’s still better to have sales goals to lure potential customers and your sales reps should always know the product knowledge to be a great sales person. Check this video.

Explaning the difference between growing and scaling a business



The 3 Barriers to Scaling Up Your Business

Extending from three to four individuals has as it was developed the group by 33%, however, complexity has expanded by 400%. And the complexity just keeps growing exponentially. Some business owners manage to only have one sales rep rather than hiring additional sales reps to manage other roles in their business. They will only have one sales rep to be paid. Fully consuming and exhausting all resources they have rather than purchasing new equipment it won’t be used every time.

To handle the complexity to success, the company should be able to express and demonstrate all 3 barriers to scaling, leadership should be shown all throughout the company. Scalable infrastructure should also be shown especially in the IT department, a great memory and faster system would be much more effective. Marketing effectiveness shouldn’t be forgotten since this will expand your calling company. If you miss one of the three barriers it will venture your process.

More specifically,


It’s difficult sufficient for business visionaries to let go of numerous of the capacities essential to developing commerce. But as commerce scales, another level of administration must learn how to do the same–mastering the abilities to enlist and designation. In the event that you need to 10x the trade you have got 10x the capabilities of the authority and center administration positions, however, most companies fall flat to do this well.

Scalable Infrastructure

IT framework scaling is when the estimate and control of an IT framework are scaled to suit changes in capacity and workflow requests. Framework scaling can be even or vertical. Vertical scaling, or scaling up, includes more preparing control and memory to a framework, giving it a quick boost

Marketing Effectiveness

It’s significant that the wander constructs a really viable way of promoting work that isolated from deals in arrange to keep the organization focused on going after the foremost productive customers. This function is additionally required to pull in sufficient of the correct ability to keep up with the development of the trade.

It’s basic that the wander constructs a viable promoting work partitioned from deals in arrange to keep the organization centered on going after the proper (and most profitable) customers. And this work is additionally required to pull in sufficient of the proper ability to keep up with the development of the trade. Instep, showcasing is frequently seen as celebrated deals bolster whereas completely missing from the individuals selecting prepare. This makes a critical limitation to development.

Growing a business is a dynamic process with leadership navigating the revolution and growth of the business, in reality, business is just life in there are unavoidable and unforeseen events.

Make sure to practice and display all barriers and we also aren’t perfect if we are missing some barriers it’s up to you if you can add additional barriers so that you can scale more with your business.

What is a constraint?

It is called a “bottleneck” in manufacturing. It is anything that is keeping your organization from reaching its goal. There are a lot of types of constraints you can check this table below.

Types of constraints

Seven focusing steps for applying the Theory of Constraints

There are 7 steps for applying constraints, these methods will help you eliminate and teach you some sales techniques and other sales strategies to remove these constraints and reach your company’s goal.

Follow These Steps for Applying the Theory of Constraints

Identify the Constraint

Check on every side of your company even the smallest workaround might get you the major constraints of the company. One indicator works in progress, another indicator is in the marketing department or could be those processes or equipment with the longest cycle of time. Identifying it will help you narrow down the major constraints and it makes the company’s life easier immediately.

Exploit the Constraint

To identify the constraint and attack the low-hanging fruit that will get you an improvement through the bottleneck with your current available resources. Focusing on attacking the bottleneck should be asses 24/7 will help you save time in the long run since we already exhausted all the bottlenecks which will help lessen it and convert it to progress to reach your goal.

How To Leverage Constraints to Grow Your Business

Check this site to know more about how to leverage constraints.

Subordinate and Synchronize to the Constraint

All other non-constraint processes are less important, and because they are not the limiting factor, they, therefore, have excess capacity. Build processes around inventory in front of and immediately after the constraint to make sure that it is not starved or blocked. There are a variety of techniques that can be used to protect the constraint while minimizing the cost of incremental inventory. 

Elevate Performance of the Constraint

In this step, you go deeper to look at ways to improve the throughput of the machine. At this stage, you might need better overall Equipment Effectiveness, setup or cycle time improvements, externalizing in cycle work content, or additional capital. Since you could invest significant time and money here, you need to evaluate those decisions based on their impact on Investment Turns, Return on Investment, Productivity, and Net Profit. 

Repeat the Process

The goal of these steps is to break the constraint, meaning that after some of this improvement; actions are taken, the targeted process is no longer the limiting factor and the constraint moves somewhere else. As soon as that happens, stop where you are, and begin back at step one on the new constraint.

Sustained the Process

The goal of these steps is to break the constraints by improving it with every actions taken so that the targeted process will no longer be a limiting factor, and somehow the constant will move elsewhere. If that happens, you should stop where you are as soon as possible, and begin again to step back to the new constraint.

Upscale Constraint’s Performance

This has to do with digging deeper into how to improve the machine’s throughput. In this stage, you reach the better overall equipment effectiveness, it’s set up or cycle through time improvements, externalizing its cycle work content, or even additional capital. By investing your significant time and money, you need to evaluate your overall decision based on how it will impact to your Investment Turns, Productivity, Net Profit, and most especially, Return on Investments.

A beautiful constraint | Fifth Ring

By now you can understand what are the steps in applying constraints and right now you should be a decision maker in such a way we are using the constraints and applying them to improve our company. Once you removed these constraints you can continue with your sales pitch using all your sales tips to close a deal.

A sales manager should also know all the sales strategy once these constraints will be removed and lessened. A manager’s job title is leadership which raise objections throughout the company. They’re the ones who should be able to identify what is bottlenecking the organization and also they should lead with the tips and tricks to fix it by narrowing it down your sales team product or service should be above average.

Employ the Theory of Constraints

Customer interactions also have a variable in identifying constraints, and we can also study these customer stories to identify the constraints in to convert more revenue such thing in knowing potential buyers.