Hire #2 Executive

Do you Need a #2 for Your Business?

Hiring a #2 from Aponus means you get someone with a proven process for building, scaling and even helping you exit your business.

CEOs & Owners

Work with an experienced player who understands.

“The single most important decision most entrepreneurs and CEOs make is who is going to be their right #2”

Verne Harnish: Hire The Right #2
Scaling Up

Get Our Playbook Workbook

A lot of entrepreneurs are DIYers. Feel free to get started on your own. 

Step 1

Your Playbook
Analyze current performance, establish goals, define constraints.

Step 2

Work the Plan
Meet weekly to begin removing constraints in the main 4 areas of your business.

Step 3

Make Course Corrections
As your business evolves, we review strategies regularly

Envision yourself and your business __ year(s) from now.

Together, we systematically remove the constraints between you and your vision
in the 4 key areas of your business.

Our milestone-based model ensures our relationship is profitable for you and stays on track.

We also look at how financially sound your business is, optimizing for profits and maximizing the value of your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

See if this is you: You are the sole owner of your business or the CEO with a few partners. You might not have anyone you think has the knowledge or experience you need to maneuver through the challenges. You also have a vision you haven’t realized yet, but it’s not clear how to get from here to there and you just can’t see it happening with the people you currently have around you. You’re ready to make a move, but have been pausing and don’t really know why.

We start with a 30-day sprint to identify your vision and goals, analyze your current situation, and come up with a plan. The cost of this depends on the your current revenue, but could range between $3,000 to $6,500 or more – it just depends.. Let’s talk, I’m up front with pricing.

You will be working with Tony Lael, an entrepreneur, investor, and business builder with 20+ years of experience in a variety of industries who has a personal network of 1,000s of other entrepreneurs.

We use three fundamental business tools 1) Sales Goal Calculator 2) Marketing ROI & Sales Tracking Sheet and 3) Weekly KPI Tracking Sheet. We may also refer to business systems you have in place like a CRM, Google Analytics, or other tracking tools.

We work from a 3-year time horizon. If you were to hire us to be your #2, we work toward your goals and vision. The return is attaining your goals and vision, so it’s different for everyone. Return could come in the form of exiting your business and retiring or scaling to $10M in annual revenue with a $2M EBITDA.

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